Class #1: Brain Cancer at 30 with Bryan Bishop


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Welcome to the first episode Man School!  I'm so pleased to launch the new podcast with today's great life-expert. (This show's guests only speak about their own experience, thus: life-experts.)  I've found that if you're someone who wants to be a better man the first thing you can do is the easiest: just listen to another man's experience.  In this case, Bryan Bishop makes that easy, fun, and inspiring. 

While this class is "Brain Cancer at 30" I really believe it's for anyone.  Bryan offers his great experience -- good for not just people who have  brain cancer but anyone who has any form of cancer or any serious illness -- which is just plain inspiring.  And what guy doesn't need more inspiration in his life?

"Bald Bryan" Bishop (now 34) was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at age 30.  Though he still has brain cancer (a brainstem gleoma) he's doing very well now.  Bryan is a comedian who can be heard regularly on The Adam Carolla Show and he also co-hosts the fun podcast about movies with Anderson Cowan, The Film Vault. 

In this class we talk about:

  • How chemotherapy and radiation put Bryan in a wheelchair.
  • Bryan's many experiences with cancer doctors.
  • His eventually finding great doctors.
  • How his amazing wife Christie was his full-time care-giver.
  • The best advice he received from Adam Carolla. 
  • Going to in-patient rehab for physical therapy.
  • The birthday party his friends thought would be his last.
  • How he found a healthy outlook in the darkest times. 
  • Laughs For Bald Bryan -- the fundraiser that changed his life.
  • Finally going back to work full-time.
  • How meditation helped.
  • Being Chairman of the National Brain Tumor Society Walk. 
  • Talking to and supporting other people who have cancer. 
  • And now how he's thinking about starting a family. 

Later in 2013: Bryan has a book coming and he's speaking at Stupid Cancer's OMG Summit in Las Vegas. 

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