Class #36: Switching Careers with Paul Mecurio


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 47m -- 33 MB)

 Paul Mecurio is a stand-up comic and writer who has been seen on Comedy Central, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, and even won an Emmy for his contributions to The Daily Show.  He also hosts The Paul Mecurio Show, another great podcast on the Sideshow Network. 

But... before all of his success in the entertainment business, he was a corporate lawyer in New York City.   

In this class we talk about:

  • His recent interview of Sir Paul McCartney (the Beatle's first podcast.)
  • Attending Georgetown Law.
  • Life in New York as an attorney representing large corporations.
  • The lifestyle that comes with the cash and prestige from the legal world. 
  • The Aspen Comedy Festival.
  • Getting a big break from Jay Leno.
  • Keeping his law career a secret from his comedy one. 
  • Keeping his comedy career a secret from his legal one. 
  • Dealing with fear and rejection.   
  • Focusing on goals and prioritizing.   

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