Class #41: From Reality TV To Rock Bottom


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 42m -- 29 MB)

Jason Wahler [Twitter] became a famous teenager when he joined the cast of MTV's Laguna Beach.  He also co-starred in that show's spinoff, The Hills.  On both of those shows he portrayed the drunk jerk who got arrested, cheated on girlfriends (including Lauren Conrad), and got in fights.  That's because Jason was an alcoholic.  After multiple rehabs, he even joined Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab (VH1) and he's now a few years sober with a great life. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Life as a teenage celebrity.
  • Throwing away the way he was raised in favor of an over-inflated ego.
  • Arrests and time in jail for alcohol and drug related charges.
  • The positives of recovery.
  • The mug shot that shows the worst moment of his life.
  • Using a sketchy past as a tool in going forward.
  • Having fun in sobriety and why that helps.
  • Being married and having a healthy romantic relationship.
  • Getting paid to travel the world and get drunk. 
  • What he's learned about ego (and alter-ego) in recovery.
  • Taking contrary action for success in recovery.
  • His future plans for television.
  • The way he was ruining his parent's relationship. 
  • Ways to be successful without alcohol and drugs.
  • Working in recovery at Northbound Treatment in Orange County.

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