Class #42: Being An Immigrant


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 41m -- 30 MB)

Maz Jobrani (Twitter) is an actor and stand-up comic who is Iranian-America.  He's been on many television shows and has toured all over the world.  When he was six, his family moved to the United States and he's lived here ever since.  Maz also hosts the podcast Minivan Men with fellow stand-up Al Madgrial. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Moving from Tehran, Iran to New York City to Reno, Nevada before settling in Marin County, California. 
  • Growing up in Northern California. 
  • Being different from the other kids growing up. 
  • Iran's troubles in the world (war/hostages/Argo) being on the news each night.
  • Getting picked on and being made fun of. 
  • Raising two kids in American. 
  • Living in Los Angeles as a Persian.
  • Attending college at Berkeley and getting closer to his roots. 
  • Dealing with ignorant people in America.
  • The problem with dating within your community.
  • Marrying an Indian woman. 
  • Being too busy/tired for the NFL.
  • The excitement of learning to speak Italian.   
  • His wife being mistaken for a nanny in Beirut. 

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