Guest Post: How a Good Woman Can Make You a Better Man


As the old adage goes, behind every great man is a great woman, and, when it comes to relationships, having a good woman by your side is all you need. Unfortunately, it takes going through terrible relationships and encountering women who aren't the best for us before we find a woman who is worthwhile. Much like with friendships and other relationships, we learn how to better weed out the good from the bad through trial and error. And, once we get a grasp of what we want and need, finding “the one” is less of a challenge. When you do find that perfect gal, all other aspects of your life tends to fall into place and you become a better man. As a result, it’s important that you cultivate a healthy relationship with someone caring and supportive. Here are a few ways that having a good woman in your corner can have a positive effect on you.

She Keeps You Focused on the Future

Not all relationships are lasting: some are temporary and many are disposable. While it may not be evident at first, over time, and through your own development, you begin to see that what relationship have an expiration date. A good relationship doesn't operate this way, however. As explained by a nice, solid relationship is fun, but also has you looking to the future, and not just about superficial, inevitable things like marriage and kids, but also about personal stuff life your career and life goals. A good woman will help you flourish and attain the future you envision.

She Challenges You

A good woman helps you grow into a well-rounded person, and this often happens by broadening your horizons. It could be something as simple as going wine tasting or trying new cuisine or something more intense such as touring an exotic destination or trying out an adult product from Adam & Eve -- no matter what it is, you're more likely to explore new things when you have someone whom you trust by your side. A good woman will help you become a more cultured and versatile individual.

She Brings Out the Best in You

A great woman is someone who encourages you and wants to see you shine. She's in your corner and pushes you to be the best you can be. This may seem cheesy, but when you've got a great girl standing by you who inspires you and makes you want to be your best you, you kind of strive to do those exact things.The right woman is honest, yet inspires you to reach your goals and achieve your life objectives, and, if you fail, will urge you to try again or move on to something more promising. A good woman sees the best in you, helps you see the best in yourself, and, as a result, brings out the best in you.