Talking NFL Football


I was on NFL legend Terrell Owens’s podcast talking NFL… unfortunately Mr. Six-Time Pro Bowler was out of town.  The good news was that I got to talk football with co-hosts Alonzo Bodden and Rob Cesternino (“Survivor.”)  Great time and one of my favorite topics!


T.O. is out on the sidelines for the week but Alonzo and Rob are here to talk all of the happenings from around the league in Week 13 as the Seahawks POLLYWOP the Saints and the Broncos continue to stay a step ahead on Chiefs.

Also, this week's guest, Caleb Bacon from MAN SCHOOL on the Sideshow network, helps weigh in on Peyton Manning getting invited to a fan's wedding, Seahawk fans starting an earthquake and whether or not NFL players will appear "naked and afraid?"


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