Takeaways from "I Was Kidnapped... Twice!"


Thanks to everyone who checked out Jordan Harbinger's amazing stories on Class #2 "I Was Kidnapped... Twice!"   Here's some of the usual stuff that Jordan talked about

Class Takeaways:

  • Kidnapping advice: If you are being held against your will, fight against going to a secondary location.  "The place where no one can hear you scream."
  • Knowing the local language helps.
  • Having some self-defense skills can give you an advantage.
  • The police in another country may play by very different rules than they do where you're from. 
  • Come up with an edge.  (At one point, Jordan pretended he was sleeping.) 
  • "You live and die by your people skills."
  • A friend with a big mouth can get you in a whole lot of trouble.
Stay tuned the next class -- "I Have Depression" -- with Paul Gilmartin.

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