Class #3: I Have Depression with Paul Gilmartin


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Welcome to Man School's third class!  On this episode I chat with Paul Gilmartin about his clinical depression.  Paul is a comedian, television personality, and host of the wonderful podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour.  I've found that if you're someone who wants to be a better man the first thing you can do is the easiest: just listen to another man's experience. Paul makes doing that easy. 

In this class we talk about:

  • How the buzz of alcohol and drugs made life feel great. 
  • Having an understanding and support wife. 
  • Getting clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.
  • Drunk driving at high speeds -- having a death wish.
  • Dealing with suicidal thoughts. 
  • Having money and fame... and how that DIDN"T help. 
  • Dealing with anger and loneliness. 
  • Seeing psychiatrists and therapists.
  • Low-fee therapy. 
  • Using alcohol to access emotions. 
  • Being depressed when sober.
  • Not wanting to take your psych meds. 
  • Warning signs of depression.
  • Paul recommends to find out more information on getting help for mental health issues.
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