Takeaways for "I Have Depression"


Thanks so much to everyone who checked out Class #3: "I Have Depression" with Paul Gilmartin. Here are the Class Takeaways from my chat with Paul:

Class Takeaways:

  • Money and fame won't fix you on the inside.
  • The seemingly lame simple stuff that everyone recommends like diet/exercise and mediation actually do work.
  • Support groups can be crucial.  Other people have your problems and getting together with them can be a big help.
  • See a mental health professional.  When it comes to mental health there are lots of therapists and psychiatrists out there.  Low-fee therapy can be had as well.
  • Stay on your meds.  Paul only struggled when he chose to take himself off of his anti-depressants. 
  • Bonus: Have a supportive wife!  Paul certainly married well. 

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