Class #4: I Thought I Was Gay


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Welcome to Man School's fourth class!  Today's episode is especially unique as I don't know anyone other than The Pretty Good Podcast's Randy Wang who has had this particular experience.   If you have an interesting life moment to share make sure to call in to the show for Listener Life Moments! 

In this class we talk about:

  • Coming out of the closet at 26 on his podcast.
  • Anonymous hook-ups online.
  • Weight and self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Losing his virginity to a stripper at a strip club.
  • The support he received from friends, family, and listeners after he came out of  the closet. 
  • Declaring that he was no longer gay. 
  • Struggling with labeling himself with a sexual identity. 
  • Now, how he tells women about his "big gay summer." 
  • Erection troubles. 
  • Being accepted by the gay community. 
  • How Randy got punched out at a gay bar.
  • Adventures on the app Grindr.

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