Takeaways from "Brain Cancer at 30"


Thanks so much to everyone who has listened to the first episode, liked it on Facebook, wrote kind iTunes reviews, and all of that good stuff!  The next episode comes out Wednesday, Feb 6: "I Was Kidnapped... Twice."  Here are the Class Takeaways from "Brain Cancer at 30" with Bryan Bishop --

Class Takeaways:

  • If you have a health problem get a second opinion. Go doctor shopping. 
  • Focus on progress not just the finish line.  Adam Carolla told Bryan to chip away at it.  Because of that, his recovery seemed less daunting.
  • One way to stay positive is to have some perspective.  Someone else probably has a much more difficult situation. 
  • Accept help.  Bryan did so from his wife, friends, and boss. 
  • Have gratitude. He appreciated his support network -- especially his wife, who was his caregiver. 
  • Today, Bryan offers his time to other people with cancer and he's happy to help.
Bryan offered up much more great stuff in the episode.  If you haven't already -- check it out!

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