Class #8: Testicular Cancer


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Sean Green is a stand-up comic who was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year at the age of 29.  He had surgery then to remove his testicle and is in pretty good shape now because he caught it early. 

In this class we talk about:

  • A link to Sean's great blog about his experience with cancer.
  • The melanoma skin cancer he had at 18.
  • His testicle, at first, not feeling right.
  • Going to a free health clinic because he didn't have health insurance.
  • Mysterious cancer-related nipple sensitivity.
  • The bizarre adventures at Los Angeles County Hospital.
  • Being MISdiagnosed and then being correctly diagnosed with cancer.
  • What it's like to tell your mom you have cancer.
  • Telling your friends you have cancer.
  • Riding a bicycle and having testicular cancer a la Lance Armstrong.
  • The surprise loss of pubic hair.
  • Breaking Bad being a bad show to watch while having cancer.
  • A trip to the sperm bank.
  • Livestrong donating money to Sean's treatment.
  • Orchiectomy surgery to remove his testicle.
  • Having a supportive girlfriend. 
  • Comedy to ease the pain.

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