Class #9: Middle East Travels (Part 1)


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Ahmed Ahmed is an Egyptian born stand-up comic who grew up in California.  He's an also an actor on the sitcom I write for, "Sullivan and Son" on TBS.  Season two premiers this summer on TBS. 

With the Axis of Evil comedy tour, he started playing the Middle East and has gone on now to perform in most countries in the Middle East.  I've never been there and am curious about what it's really like there.  So, this week's class is with a life expert who knows it well.

This is Part 1 of Middle East Travels.  Next week's class is with Sam Tripoli who is a comic who was performed for the troops in war zones across the Middle East. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Performing comedy all around the Middle East, including: Qatar, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arab, Lebanon, and more. 
  • Getting banned from Dubai for a year. 
  • Public displays of affection being illegal in some places. 
  • Meeting with the King of Jordan.
  • Speaking Arabic.
  • His film about doing comedy in the Middle East, "Just Like Us." 
  • Troubles at the airport in Kuwait.
  • Having dinner with President Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

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