Class #6: Violence


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Welcome to Man School's sixth class!  Comedian Mike Schmidt from The 40 Year Old Boy podcast stops by to talk about violence, fighting, anger, and rage.  He's got a lot of experience with all of those but he just doesn't want to be that way anymore. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Being raised without a father. 
  • The first time he beat up his older brother. 
  • Being big but only 11 in 8th grade. 
  • The first person he ever punched in the face. 
  • Fighting in school as a kid.
  • The source of anger.
  • Dreaming of fighting and sometimes winning in those dreams. 
  • Being a bouncer at concerts and clubs. 
  • Earning respect as a bouncer. 
  • Choking a man out in front of the House of Blues. 
  • The gun incident that caused him to quit bouncing. 
  • Losing it and beating up a car in Hollywood. 
  • Rage blackouts. 
  • Not wanting to fight anymore. 

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