Class #11: Fear and Baseball


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Chris Stretch is a good buddy of mine who used to be a minor league baseball player.  He is a life expert who has experienced fear and baseball.  He ended up quitting his dream of becoming a big league ball player because of fear.  Chris was a catcher who couldn't throw the ball back to the pitcher -- and not due to lack of ability.  He was just that paralyzed by fear. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Being a high school baseball and football star in Orange County, California.
  • Playing college baseball at Division II, UC Davis.
  • Playing minor league baseball in the independent Western League.
  • Getting in a bench-clearing brawl with former major league bad boy Kevin Mitchell.
  • Fear of getting hit as a quarterback.  Especially from the blind side.
  • Verbal abuse from a high school coach. 
  • Not doing homework in high school.
  • Missing a bus trip due to a hangover.
  • The dangers of scouts labeling you a “mental midget.”
  • Being an egomaniac.
  • Making $600/month in minors.  (Yup, a month.)
  • Alienating teammates by having a big mouth.
  • The social fears of going to new teams.
  • The team concept in minor league baseball being about the individual.
  • Having the yips as a catcher.
  • Feeling isolated on a team.
  • Pretending to look lazy to hide fear.
  • The unwritten rules of baseball. 
  • How to fight in a bench-clearing brawl.
  • Having confidence as a hitter. 
  • The end of the baseball dream. 
  • Sports psychology. 
  • Getting fired from a pressure-filled day-job.
  • Former Major League Baseball stars: Mackey Sasser, Lance Parrish, Jeff Leonard.

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