Class #12: I Have To Be The Best at Everything


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Lewis Howes [Twitter] has to be the best at everything -- from professional sports to making millions of dollars to salsa dancing.  He's a very competitive guy and that's been both good and bad for this digital marketing guru who Details Magazine called "one of the five gurus who can make you rich." 

Lewis is well known for his book on LinkedIn and he's been featured in Forbes and the New York Times.  He also once held the NCAA record for most receiving yards in a game with 418.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Coming from a successful family.  His older brother, Christian Howes, is the number one jazz violinist in the world. 
  • Being picked last in dodgeball in third grade and how that motivated him to strike back. 
  • Not feeling appreciated as a kid and looking for recognition.
  • Getting too serious with things. 
  • A recent fist fight that surprised Lewis.
  • How being put in remedial classes in school made him feel. 
  • The need to win.  The need to compete.  The need to dominate.
  • Being a two sports All American in college sports and the dramatic way he made All American in the decathlon.
  • Being on the US National team for Team Handball -- a possible US Olympic team.
  • Winning in business -- setting the rules of the game.
  • Opinions on Lolo Jones.
  • The depression that comes with losing. 
  • How society treats winners vs. losers.
  • Staying in shape.  Fitness. 

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