Class #10: Middle East Travels (Part 2)


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Welcome to Part 2 of Middle East Travels.  It's a region I find fascinating -- plus, I've never been there.  Last week I chatted with Ahmed Ahmed about his extensive travels and this week I talk to Sam Tripoli. 

Sam Tripoli is a stand-up comic who hosts the popular podcasts The Naughty Show and Punch Drunk.  His Middle East Travels came as part of USO tours where he performed at military bases for troops in war zones. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Flying through Kazakhstan. 
  • His USO tour with comics Steve Byrne, Bryan Callen, and Dov Davidoff. 
  • Playing the Alamo in Afghanistan. 
  • Life on military bases in the Middle East. 
  • Hummers, machine guns, and body armor. 
  • Man Love Thursdays. 
  • A prison escape in Kabul. 
  • The loading of the caskets ceremony. 
  • Guilt about not having served in the military. 
  • Being warned of a terrorist attack in Kabul. 
  • Touring China with Steve Byrne. 
  • A USO show in Japan. 

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