Class #14: Living With Disease with Bill Cleveland


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Bill Cleveland is a great friend of mine who has Hepatitis C and needs a liver transplant. He came down with Hep-C from using dirty needles before he quit alcohol and drugs.  Now, Bill's 28 years sober and is a wonderful wonderful guy.  He's really helped me with a lot with various issues (namely my own sobriety) by sharing a lot of his great experience. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Intravenous drug use and sobriety from drugs and alcohol. 
  • Getting in shape after getting sober. 
  • Losing over 100 pounds and getting very much into bicycle riding. 
  • Getting diagnosed with a then-unknown for a Hepatitis. 
  • Extreme lethargy and anemia from Hep-C. 
  • Pursuing natural treatments to clean his liver and treat his disease. 
  • Two rounds of Interferon treatment (which is like Chemotherapy for Hepatitis C.) 
  • Getting rid of the virus only to have it come back stronger. 
  • The depression and anxiety of being on Interferon. 
  • Having friends and family help through the tough times. 
  • His spiritual (and non-religious) path and how that helped him find some peace. 
  • Spiritual knowledge vs. spiritual experience
  • How Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" book changed his life. 
  • Perception as friend and enemy. 
  • Meditation as a practical way get better and stop the downward spiral.
  • Dealing with sadness about his situation.
  • Helping others who also have liver problems.
  • Being on the liver transplant list and waiting for a new liver.
  • His club of men who are also on the liver transplant list. 
  • Breaking down a barrier and asking his wife for help. 
  • Simple ways to change your attitude. 
  • Developing Encephalopathy and dealing with that.

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