Class #17: I Quit My Job To Follow My Dream


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Steve Belanger [Twitter] is an actor, writer, and the host of The Men's Health Podcast.  Steve's also an author whose new book, My Penthouse Past, is out now in hardcopy and for your Kindle. 

Want to quit your job and follow your dream?  That's just what Steve did.  In fact, he quit a six-figure job to become an actor.  He's since appeared in shows like Damages and The Americans.

This episode also features some listener mail from Randolph in Colombia, South America!

In this class we talk about:

  • The Men's Health magazine article that Steve wrote: Why I Quit My 6-Figure Job.
  • The eight years he worked at Penthouse Magazine with the late Bob Guccione where he worked 
  • About his great new book -- which I really enjoyed -- My Penthouse Past. 
  • What it was like to work behind the scenes for a porno mag. 
  • The initial dream of working for magazines. 
  • The unfulfilling corporate life. 
  • Steve's quest to find his creative self through acting classes, stand-up comedy, and improv. 
  • Having a supportive wife who helped his transition. 
  • His dreams of writing for sitcoms and television shows.
  • His time climbing the corporate ladder for publishing at Time, Inc working with magazines like Field and Stream and Popular Science. 
  • Steve's shot to host a television show. 
  • His plan for quitting his job to become an actor. 
  • His television acting highlights. 
  • The struggles of being an actor.
  • How his peers became to see Steve as not just a suit but as a creative talent.

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