Class #16: I Drink For A Living


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Zane Lamprey [Twitter] is a television host who has been able to drink his way around the world on his shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy.  It's literally his job to drink booze and it's quite the adventure. 

In this class we talk about:

  • His Kickstarter campaign for a new drinking show, Chug.
  • My awkward and accidental guest appearance on Zane's TV show Three Sheets on an episode in Costa Rica (which used to be on the Mojo Network.)  Pictured here!
  • How TV hosting gigs turned into a dream job.
  • Getting grabbed in the balls by a drunk fan. 
  • Handling drunk fans in public. 
  • Dealing with Internet trolls. 
  • Having your TV show cancelled and having your network shut down. 
  • Zane's old boss Mark Cuban at HD Net. 
  • Adam Carolla's Cinco de Mayo party with Mangria.
  • Zane's live stand-up comedy tour. 
  • The small amount of money paid to television hosts. 
  • The difficulties of international travel. 
  • Hangovers around the world. 
  • Getting sick in Thailand. 
  • Zane's real relationship to alcohol. 
  • An embarrassing moment at Sun King brewery.

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