Class #18: I Take Care of My Dad


Download The MP3 File (Length: 33:04 -- 24 MB)

Danny Savage is a podcaster and all around good guy from Pasadena, California who takes care of his dad.  While he's not an official caretaker, Danny has basically become the parent to his mentally ill father.  This class features an interview with Danny and a produce piece he made called "I Am Crud" which is a collection of voicemails from his father with narration by Danny.

In this class we talk about:

  • Living with a manic father who has a history of head trauma (over 20 diagnosed concussions), alcoholism, and memory loss. 
  • Not being surprised if his father died any day. 
  • The manic adventures his father goes on. 
  • The big heart of his father. 
  • Saving voicemails and seeing how his father changed from them. 
  • Being compelled to make this project I Am Crud

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