Class #15: I Work For My Favorite Band


Podcast: Download The MP3 File (Length: 27:47 — 20 MB)

Daniel Barassi [Twitter] has worked for his favorite band (and my own) -- Depeche Mode -- since 1998.  He's the web guy who handles all of their digital media.  Daniel also produces music under the monicker The Brat and does some work for the band The Bird and The Bee. 

Pictured above: Alan Wilder (former Depeche Mode), Daniel Barassi, and Martin Gore

In this episode we talk about:

  • The fan site he ran before he was hired. 
  • How he faxed a nasty letter that lead to him getting the job. 
  • Growing closer to band members Dave Gahan, Martin L. Gore, and Andy "Fletch" Fletcher. 
  • Joking around with frontman Dave Gahan. 
  • Visiting Martin Gore's house in Santa Barbara and seeing the keyboard room.
  • Building from nothing to one of the best band sites out there. 
  • Going on tour with the band and filming shows and shooting photographs. 
  • Dealing with nerves around the band. 
  • Proving to the band he was a great employee and good guy -- and not just some fanboy. 
  • Advice for being around people you admire. 
  • Going record shopping with Martin at Amoeba in Hollywood.

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