Class #19: Guilty Of Credit Card Fraud


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 Roy Wood Jr [Twitter] is a stand-up comic, radio host, and actor.  He's performed comedy on TV shows like Last Comic Standing and Late Show with David Letterman.  Now he can be seen on my show, Sullivan and Son, on TBS.  Season two returns on Thursday June 13th and 10pm!  Roy's great comedy career all started when he was in college and facing jail time thanks to federal charges for credit card fraud.  And it all started out with just wanting some free pizza.

In this class we talk about: 

  • Credit card fraud in the '90s.
  • Stealing credit card numbers. 
  • Buying pizzas and food for everyone at college. 
  • Moving up from pizza to video games.   
  • The drug dealers who wanted him to go deeper. 
  • The rush of using a stolen credit card and the rush of stand-up.
  • Getting banned from department stores. 
  • The cops raiding his apartment. 
  • Getting arrested twice for the same crime. 
  • His comedy inspirations. 
  • Straightening his life out and really trying to live. 
  • Dealing with the legal system as a defendant.   
  • The problem with Public Defenders. 
  • Turning student loan money into a comedy investment. 
  • Near expulsion from Florida A&M University. 

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