Class #22: My One Year Marriage


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 47:21 -- 33 MB)

David Nussbaum aka The Nuzzy on Twitter.  He's worked in the radio business for a long time on the sales side but he can also be found behind the microphone on Decently Funny with Nuzzy and The Guy.  I was their most recent guest which you can find on iTunes or here.  David is recently divorced after a year of marriage and we chat about his recent one year marriage. 

In this class we talk about: 

  • Meeting a woman on J-Date and that leading to love and dating. 
  • A very honest first date.   
  • Moving with her from Los Angeles to New York and then back to Los Angeles.   
  • A romantic engagement at the Arc de Tromphe in Paris, France. 
  • What it's like to fail at a marriage. 
  • Giving up during marriage counseling. 
  • Getting distracted by celebrities and reality stars in Hollywood and how that pulled him away from being a husband.   
  • How getting distracted by doing a podcast affected his marriage.  
  • Getting the engagement ring back. 
  • Finding a new girlfriend after the marriage went bad. 
  • The one year anniversary dinner that was a going away dinner for each other.   
  • Feelings of regret from neglecting the wife, the relationship, and duties as a husband.

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