Class #24: Coming Home From War


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 1h01m -- 44 MB)

Robert Patrick Lewis was a Green Beret (aka Special Forces) for the US Army and is author of the great new book Love Me When I'm Gone.  He also hosts the podcast, Far From Centered. 

In this class we talk about: 

  • Being inspired to be a Green Beret. 
  • The type of thinking required to be Special Forces.   
  • Robert's path to the military and 9-11 motivation.   
  • His military family.   
  • The difference between Green Berets and the rest of the military.   
  • Robert's Green Beret "all star" team.   
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) acquired over there .   
  • Helping out with medical services in Africa (especially Niger.)
  • The mindset required to be a Green Beret.   
  • Serving in Iraq.   
  • Serving in Afghanistan.   
  • Coming home to nobody.  And spending time in the darkness.   
  • The importance of finding someone to talk to.   
  • Having a supporting wife.   
  • The day-to-day difficulties of coming back.  
  • Getting help for PTSD for Veterans. 

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