Class #26: Addiction with Yul Spencer


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 36m -- 25 MB)

Yul Spencer [Twitter] is a stand-up comic, actor, and television producer.  He's been in the entertainment business for a few decades and has played comedy clubs all over the country.  Now sober nineteen years, he's lived two lives.  The first of which was full of drugs, hookers, and alcohol.

In this class we talk about: 

  • Crack and cocaine in the time of Richard Pryor. 
  • Getting kicked out of the Comedy Store.
  • Getting banned from stand-up comedy gigs on the road. 
  • An arrest for drug possession that helped turn his life around.   
  • Finding real love from a judge and the court.   
  • How life can get in the way of getting sober.   
  • The ups and downs of a sober life. 
  • Helping other men who want to get sober.   
  • Growing up in Oakland and being a pimp.   

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