Class #29: Proposing


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 28m -- 20 MB)

Drew Seeley [Twitter] is an actor/singer/songwriter who was recently married.  Three months ago actress Amy Paffrath said I do... to Drew.  It all started with his marriage proposal which you can see here.  This is a topic I'm especially curious about as a proposal is in my future (and probably a lot of yours' too.) 

Drew is best known for his work with the High School Musical franchise (he even earned an Emmy nomination,) acting on Broadway in The Little Mermaid, shows like Glory Daze and The Closer, and his big catalog of music. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Making the proposal about her. 
  • How NOT to propose.  
  • Making your marriage proposal original.   
  • When he knew the time was right to pop the question.   
  • Making the proposal a surprise to his lady.   
  • Why guys should talk to each other about proposals. 
  • Advice he would give on popping the question (if asked.) 
  • Supporting the planning of your wedding. 
  • Asking for favors to make your proposal great. 

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