Class #31: I'm A Single Dad


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 41m -- 30 MB)

Dusty Angel is a single dad from Long Beach, California.  He's 35 year-old father of a 14 year-old son and has a great story to tell.  Dusty also hosts the podcast, The Oddcast, which I've been on a few times.

In this class we talk about:

  • Meeting his son's mother and their brief relationship. 
  • A very broken condom. 
  • Mistakes made during pregnancy and fatherhood. 
  • His own mother's helpful role. 
  • Not having a father himself. 
  • Where the courts were and weren't involved in custody. 
  • His relationship with his son's mother now. 
  • Getting married to a new woman.   
  • Raising a boy who is turning into a man. 
  • Finding porn on his son's computer.  
  • What parenting tactics and methods have worked for him.   

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