Class #46: Divorce with Graham Elwood


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 51m -- 37 MB)

Graham Elwood [Twitter] is a comic, co-host of The Comedy Film Nerds, and filmmaker who comes from divorce and he, himself, has been divorced.  He's also has a Kickstarter for Ear Buds, a film about podcasting, that he's trying to put together.  It could use all of our support because I really want to watch it!

In this class we talk about:

  • Growing up the youngest of four kids in Madison, Wisconsin. 
  • His parents divorce at age 9.  Then moving with his mother to Illinois.
  • Playing high school football to deal with anger. 
  • Visiting his father back in Wisconsin. 
  • His parents both getting remarried when he was about 12. 
  • His love for his late stepmother. 
  • Fear of surprises in life. 
  • Getting engaged and then married to a woman from Brazil.
  • The troubles that come when importing for love.  
  • Long distance relationships. 
  • Immigration fees, paperwork, and such legal difficulties. 
  • Making career changes while loved. 
  • Being Brazilian -- yet not Hispanic -- in Los Angeles. 
  • What he would have done different. 
  • Amazing suggestions for what to do before you get married. 
  • Dating after divorce. 

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