#76: The Gangster Lean

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Mike Konowitz is a friend of the show who, as a result of two childhood strokes, found himself facing certain unique troubles.  Though he still walks with a limp, Mike has risen above a host of significant challenges.  Nowadays, he loves to do something that he never thought was possible... skydive!  Mike credits today's happy life to the hard work he put into personal development.  His first big step was a series of bootcamps with relationship gurus, The Art of Charm, and the second is his continued work with the life coaches at the Fearless Man.

In this class we talk about:

  • Having two strokes at a young age.
  • Having a great college experience at Oregon.
  • Having to learn to walk and talk again and again.
  • Being babied and helped too much.
  • Trying to focus on his normal qualities.
  • Dealing with dyslexia.
  • Not knowing how to connect with people.
  • Being a ‘people pleaser.’
  • Being put in to play for his senior Homecoming football game.
  • How people genuinely want to help.
  • Exploiting the help he was given.
  • Not knowing how to take a joke with the guys.
  • Being afraid of being rejected.
  • Being diagnosed with depression.
  • Getting involved with personal development.  
  • Doing a zip line in Las Vegas.
  • Having a personal trainer and working out.
  • Facing his fears.
  • Owning his disability.  
  • Lots and lots of skydiving!

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