#77: The Self-Made Man

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Zane Lamprey [Twitter] returns to Man School!  This trailblazer has hosted a variety of television shows where he has been able to drink his way around the world ("Three Sheets" & "Drinking Made Easy.")  And his path has had all sorts of ups and downs.  Be sure and check out his new television show, Chug, coming to National Geographic on Monday November 24th at 10:30pm.  Also, his Kickstarter for The Drinking Jacket!

In this class we talk about:

  • Sharing a flight in Costa Rica with ‘The Old Caleb.’
  • Zane’s old television shows and old television networks.
  • Owning a home in Los Angeles.
  • Adventures in Chile.  
  • Building himself as a brand.
  • The difference between regularly hosted shows and Zane’s shows.
  • Being wanted by Food Network to recreate “Three Sheets” for food.
  • Being told his show is "unwatchable" by Anthony Bourdain.  
  • Three Sheets dying on Mojo network.
  • Being picked up by Travel Channel and Spike.
  • Not knowing when Three Sheets would come back.
  • Having a “Save Three Sheets” campaign.
  • Getting career advice from his mother.
  • Starting to grasp the use of humor in college.
  • Knowing when to shut up.
  • Trying to please his dad.
  • Trying to please his wife.
  • Anticipating his next professional moves.
  • Alcohol and travel becoming his brand.
  • Getting advice from his 70 year old self.
  • Not feeling threatened by the competition.
  • His career influences.
  • Starting his new show “Chug” on Kickstarter.

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