#78: One Good Brother

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Aaron Roden [Twitter] is the host of the wonderful Air Raid podcast, and he's also one good brother.  Growing up, his younger Brad had a rare immune disease called chronic granulomatous disease (aka CGD.)  When they were in their 20s, Aaron was able to donate his own bone marrow and that saved Brad's life.

In this class we talk about:

  • Growing up with a brother who has Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD).
  • As a kid, being pawned off to family members while his brother was in the ER.
  • How the common cold would cause flu like symptoms in his brother.
  • His brother having infections from minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Having a narcissistic personality.
  • Resenting his brother at a young age.
  • Having anger issues as a child because of his situation.
  • Not getting along with his brother as he got older.
  • His brother's sickness progressing to the lymph nodes.
  • The first time his brother had a drastic surgery to remove infections from his lymph nodes.
  • The chlorine-bleach-urine smell in hospitals.
  • How children's hospitals were better than regular hospitals.
  • Suffering from depression at five years old.
  • Going to therapy with his family.
  • Going through six or seven therapist by the time he was a senior in high school.
  • Being on anti-depressant drugs throughout school years.
  • Feeling numb from anti-depressants.
  • Breaking himself from Paxil.
  • Not being mature when he started college.
  • Being told that his brother's disease is terminal.
  • His brother's life expectancy not to exceed 25.
  • Suffering from Insomnia.
  • Feeling like he was being watched.
  • Reading "The Pocket Therapist."
  • Finding out he is a perfect blood match and DNA match to his brother.
  • Going to college with his brother is Ellensburg, Washington.
  • Getting the call that his brother was in the hospital and that he needed to talk to him.
  • His brother developing a lung infection in the alveoli.
  • Taking his brother to a bronchoscopy for a medical case study.
  • Trying an experimental bone marrow transplant with his brother.
  • How the bone marrow transplant had never been successful before.
  • His brother taking chemotherapy before the transplant.
  • Getting 80 holes drilled into each of his hips.
  • Being prepped for the transplant with many blood tests.
  • Taking four weeks to recover from the transplant.
  • Still feeling pain from the transplant after three years.
  • His brother being quarantined after the transplant.
  • His brother being cured three years after the transplant.
  • How his brother now has a thriving life.


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