Class #49: Live on Laffster!


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 1h20m -- 55 MB)

The recent live video webcast on Laffster was a lot of fun!  This 80 minute episode features radio legend Phil Hendrie [Twitter], Dating Coach Jordan Harbinger [Twitter], and comic Roy Wood Jr.  [Twitter] who is an actor on my sitcom Sullivan and Son (TBS). 

This show was a fundraiser for Man School as well as for a great charity.  Your donations can either be out of the goodness of your heart or they can be in exchange for some great incentives from Caleb Bacon, Man School, and the other of the night's guests.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  A portion of your donations will go to Many Faces 1 Voice.  They’re a charity that means a lot to me. Their aim is to transform public attitudes and policies affecting people seeking or in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. 


In this class we talk about:

  • Roy Wood Jr.'s new comedy CD: "Things I Think: I Think"
  • Jordan Harbinger starting his date coaching service with The Art of Charm after being an attorney on Wall Street.
  • Getting your life together (health, career, etc.) before getting into a relationship.
  • How to safely travel in Mexico City, this includes avoiding taxi services.
  • Incentives to learn how to drive stick shift vehicles.
  • Traveling to North Korea and, how the country really is.
  • Customs and rules in North Korea.
  • Women's oppression in North Korea.
  • Roy's USO tour through the Middle East.
  • Women in the Philippines being married to creepy Australian men.
  • Russian strippers working in clubs that are in Israel.
  • Phil Hendrie's trip to China and how it is the same as North Korea.
  • How Facebook has taken all the focus from Talk Radio.
  • Roy's prank call gigs on morning radio shows in Alabama.
  • Radio shows against the new media revolution.
  • Roy and Phil's different characters they do on their shows.
  • Roy's Hurricane Katrina prank call that put him on the comedy map

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