Class #51: Family Tragedies


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 46m -- 33 MB)

Hannes Phinney is an actor, comic, and co-host of the Storyworthy podcast (where I was a recent guest.)  He is a great guy who has lived through a serious major family tragedies. 

In this class we talk about:

  •     Dealing with a father’s suicide.
  •     Dealing with a schizophrenic brother.
  •     Dealing with a mother’s death due to cancer.
  •     Having a mother that was born in Germany during World War II.
  •     Having parents who did not tell you about things whether it was previous marriages or feelings.
  •     Having a name that is hard for people to pronounce.
  •     Using movies and television as a way to escape family problems.
  •     Having your father not wanting to talk to your mother after divorcing.
  •     Bad parenting moves.
  •     Going to suburban schools in Wisconsin.
  •     Creating your very first stand up comedy routine.
  •     Dealing with police during a crisis.
  •     Finding humor in a bad situation.
  •     Not having a support system during hard times.
  •     Not collapsing emotionally for the sake of others collapsing.
  •     Having memories not related to your family
  •     Moving to Germany.

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