Class #53: Being A Champion


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 37m -- 27 MB)

Sugar Ray Leonard [Twitter] is one of the finest American athletes.  Ever.  In this class we talk about what it takes to become a champion and how to stay a champion.  These days, he fights to combat juvenile diabetes with his Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation.  Don't miss their big event in Santa Monica on May 20th!

In this class we talk about:

  •     Taking two years to write his autobiography.
  •     Finally feeling safe to speak out about what he had dealt with.
  •     Dealing with drinking and cocaine.
  •     Not being ready to be truthful.
  •     Winning the world title in boxing.
  •     Having an ill father and turning professional to help pay for medical bills.
  •     Preparing mentally and physically for fights.
  •     Being known all over the world and how seductive fame is.
  •     Drinking to make yourself numb.
  •     Being sexually abused as a teenager.
  •     Questioning if people like you for you or just because you are famous.
  •     Having to talk about your problems instead of suppressing them.
  •     Being sober for eight years and still going strong.
  •     Using his famous smile as a mask.
  •     Crying in front of your best friends.
  •     When alcoholism escalates.
  •     Growing up with violence around.
  •     Boxing again talented opponents.
  •     Having a heart of a champion and where it comes from.
  •     Feeling fear and using it to your advantage.
  •     Not thinking about the negative. Always believing that there is a way to succeed.
  •     Losing a fight and dealing with the public embarrassment.
  •     Knowing when it is time to retire.
  •     Forgetting who you are while using cocaine.
  •     Laughing at the stupidity and learning from it.
  •     That horrible feeling of losing. 


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