Class #52: The Prison Episode


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Christian Howes [Twitter] is one of the top jazz violinists in the world.  However, long before his global success, he served four years in prison.

In this class we talk about:

Going to jail as a young adult.

  • Trying to find your place in college.
  • Becoming popular by buying and selling weed.
  • Sampling acid and mushrooms during college.
  • Being watched by the cops for a secret indictment for nine months.
  • Anticipating sentencing and the phases that you go through.
  • Skipping class and having very strong depression.
  • Learning to appreciate what you have.
  • Becoming more responsible and accountable.
  • Trying to pass the time in jail.
  • The horrible food in jail.
  • Being in solitary confinement.
  • The power and social standards in prison.
  • Being part of a warden’s band in prison.
  • Playing sand volleyball in prison.
  • Becoming educated in prison by taking college classes.
  • Finding out who you are in prison.
  • Learning life lessons that you could not learn in college.
  • The Blues being something that black people see that white people can’t see.
  • Responding to violence in prison.
  • Burying your fear of going to prison after prison.
  • Having the feeling of being free.
  • Having elements of PTSD.
  • Empathizing with other races.

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