Class #60: Beating Brain Cancer

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 35m -- 25 MB)

'Bald' Bryan Bishop [Twitter] is Adam Carolla's right hand man on Adam's famous podcast.  He also co-hosts The Film Vault with Anderson Cowan.  Bryan is also a Man School favorite.  Diagnosed with brain cancer at thirty, it's now five years later and he's winning the battle. 

He's also written a book!  So, don't miss Shrinkage -- out now!

In this class we talk about:

  • His many appearances on Man School.
  • Waiting a year for his book to be published.
  • Working harder on this book than anything else in his career.
  • Recovering to the point of normal existence (95% to be exact!)
  • The risk and costs of his possible brain surgery.
  • His tumor shrinking more than half of in size.
  • Going through different book title possibilities.
  • Having his wife be his caretaker.
  • Simple tasks like going to the bathroom and eating being difficult.
  • How his wife experienced sickness from stress of being a caretaker.
  • Learning from Adam Carolla to laugh at himself.
  • Knowing that others are going through the same things that he is.
  • Freezing his sperm before starting his cancer treatment.
  • A lack of sex during his honeymoon because of his cancer treatment.
  • Slowly getting his libido back.
  • Discussing cancer and it's relation to his sex life.
  • Being a positive person.
  • Regretting things that he had not done.
  • Learning to thank his tumor.


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