Class #61: The Custody Battle

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 36m -- 25 MB)

Michael Show [Twitter] is a 30something year-old guy who has two children by two different mothers.  He currently lives with the mother of his second child even though they broke off their relationship years ago.

In this class we talk about:

  • The struggles of his personal lives.
  • Having a kid at age 19.
  • Maintaining peace with his kids’ two mothers.
  • How he met his first child’s mother.
  • Having sex with the first woman only one time before she got pregnant.
  • Not knowing much about his first child’s mother.
  • Hoping that the relationship’s honeymoon phase would last forever.
  • Having to report back to his girlfriend all the time.
  • Wanting to do the right thing.
  • Coming home to a big surprise.
  • Going through years of custody battles for his first child.
  • Getting “screwed” in family court.
  • Having the ultimate goal to make his daughter feel loved.
  • Meeting the second child’s mother mid-custody battles.
  • Having a more traditional dating relationship with the second woman.
  • Realizing that his relationship with the second woman ran its course.
  • Never allowing new girlfriends to come around his daughter.
  • Getting the second woman pregnant a year and half after they officially broke up.
  • Being protective of his children.
  • Having his house alcohol and drug free for the sake of his kids.
  • Not partying at all.


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