Extra Credit #16: The Drummer With The Broken Arm

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 16m -- 11 MB)

Tony Thaxton [Twitter] was the long-time drummer for Motion City Soundtrack.  During that great run he got injured, busted his arm, and his career was put on hold.  Wondering how he dealt with that?  Don't miss Tony Thaxton's recent Man School: "Life on The Road."

In this Extra Credit we talk about:

  • Becoming the victim of many Def Leppard jokes.
  • Being injured just by falling (only a little drunk.)
  • Being sent home with just a sling and some pain killers.
  • Never breaking any bones before.
  • An X-Ray error.
  • Being sent to get a MRI.
  • Viewing surgery as a last resort.
  • Breaking his humerus bone that is very hard to heal correctly.
  • Getting ready to record a new record with a broken arm.
  • Having to go through the surgery.
  • Recording the drum parts last for the new record in a different way.
  • Going through physical therapy.
  • Experiencing an arm infection.
  • Missing out on a music video shoot.
  • Having his girlfriend give him IVs.
  • Having a low white blood cell count and missing Thanksgiving.
  • Still being able to tour with Weezer.

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