Class #65: Losing Friends

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 50m -- 35 MB)

Robert Patrick Lewis [Twitter] is a former US Army Green Beret.  Now a civilian, this ex-Special Forces member has lost many friends in both combat and by suicide. 

In this class we talk about:

  • Never having an exit strategy in life.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Being from a military family.
  • Knowing that loss and sacrifice would happen.
  • The Hollywood perspective of what war is like.
  • Being in a post-9/11 military.
  • Being “all testosterone and gunpowder.”
  • Not taking orders well.
  • Having a very romanticized version of Special Forces.
  • Not thinking about losing friends until he actually lost them.
  • Not thinking about the possibility of losing his own life.
  • Adapting to change.
  • Being told the reality of loss.
  • Learning the mission is more important than the men.
  • Keeping in touch via social media.
  • Reality of violence in combat zones.
  • Trying to find humor in all situations.
  • The list of lost friends growing each Memorial Day.
  • Losing his first friend in Baghdad by explosives.
  • Having to wait until after families are notified.
  • Not dealing with memories until he is ready and able to.
  • The constant change of leadership.
  • How combat is pure chaos.
  • Realizing his own mortality and that he has been given a lease on life.
  • Making his life worth while.
  • Losing at least a dozen of his friends.
  • Having friends who committed suicide.

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