Class #64: The Childhood Truth with Lewis Howes


Download: The MP3 File (Length: 37m -- 26 MB)

Lewis Howes [Twitter] is an athlete, lifestyle entrepreneur, and the host of the great podcast The School of Greatness.  He was a past Man School guest and we talked about that he had to be the best at everything.  On this episode he shares about being sexually abused at the age of five.

In this class we talk about:

  • Having his NCAA football record broken.
  • Feeling free after talking about his sexual abuse.
  • No longer having to always be defensive.
  • Taking everything as a personal attack.
  • Not being able to respond to criticism.
  • Being ashamed of his childhood abuse.
  • Receiving overwhelming love and compassion from his family and friends.
  • Making a decision to approach life from a place of love.
  • Being abused by his babysitter's son at 5.
  • Not thinking anything about his abuse until he was 12.
  • Having suicidal thoughts.
  • Being grateful of his progress.
  • Being especially scared to tell his mom.
  • Talking about it in his podcast and getting a positive response.
  • Allowing others to share their experience with him.
  • Knowing that others felt the same fear of opening up about their experiences.
  • Being vulnerable.
  • Knowing how to start talking about his past abuse.
  • Striving to give his best on everything.
  • His evolved take on competition and greatness. 

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