Extra Credit #17: Being A Parent Is Scary

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 16m -- 12 MB)

Steve Belanger [Twitter] got that call no parent ever wants.  It was his son's school and they said that Steve's three year-old had a seizure.  Last time, on Man School, Steve talked about quitting his job to follow his dreams.

In this Extra Credit we talk about:

  • Being a father of two boys.
  • Getting the worst phone call for a parent and the initial shock.
  • Not calling his wife right away.
  • Having to worry about his oldest son as well.
  • Seeing all the school staff crying and having to wait for the EMT.
  • The entire event happening in fast motion.
  • Finally calling his wife.
  • His son having a febrile seizure.
  • Thinking about what could have happened and bawling like a little girl.
  • Crying in a lottery store.
  • His son now being the picture of health.