Class #68: Divorced Twice with James Ellroy

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 36m -- 26 MB)

James Ellroy is one of America's finest novelists.  Some of his 19 books include: LA Conflidential, White Jazz, American Tabloid, Shakedown, and the Black Dahlia.  His latest novel, Perfidia, comes out in September and is available for pre-order now.  James is a man whose live has full of love and passion -- as discussed on Man School #55 -- but he's also been Twice Divorced.

In this class we talk about:

  • How his second ex-wife is still his best friend and how they are closer now.
  • Going out for dinner after deciding him and his second ex-wife would get divorced.
  • Having relief because he was telling the truth.
  • How divorce is like the sick old family member that dies.
  • Coming back to LA after women divorce him.
  • Knowing that he would be friends with his ex wife.
  • How adultery had nothing to do with his marriage ending.
  • How alimony is a challenge.
  • How the telephone kept the friendship with Helen alive.
  • Keeping in touch with his first ex wife only through the shared dog.
  • Having a hilarious shared custody of a dog.
  • The importance of amicability. 
  • Not owning a television.
  • How, for James, monogamy is the new marriage.
  • His parents divorcing in 1955.
  • Feeling like a freak in general.
  • Having his parents poison his mind against each other.
  • Having models of behavior.
  • Being determined to be happy and successful.
  • Being a bad roommate but a good husband.
  • Being grateful to his first wife for the experience of marriage.
  • Being 66 and just out of his teens.


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