Class #69: Married with Jason Nash

Download: The MP3 File (Length: 54m -- 39 MB)

Jason Nash [Twitter] is an actor, comedian, director, writer, and former podcast host.  He's also just released his first feature film, Jason Nash Is Married.  So, today we're talking marriage.

In this class we talk about:

  • Going back and forth about liking marriage.
  • Having TV star, Busy Phillips, play his wife in his movie.
  • A boring adult dinner party.
  • Knowing he's the jerk of the group.
  • Looking like and idiot in front of 20 year olds.
  • Having two kids.
  • Being recently diagnosed as Bi-Polar. 
  • Being suicidal.
  • Getting on medication.
  • Needing adventure in his life.
  • Being the odd one out of his group of friends.
  • Keeping his kids happy.
  • Being married for ten years and counting.
  • Being lost and self hating.
  • Losing his confidence in Los Angeles.
  • Constantly doubting himself.
  • Having time off while his wife works.
  • Finding a stay at home dad role.
  • Shooting a hot tub sex scene.
  • Married sex with his wife.
  • Taking things personally.
  • Liking to be alone.
  • Not being good under pressure.
  • Having an urge to not be in the family.
  • Having to be around his wife's friends.

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