#70: Religion and The World

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Jeff Whitby is a former US Army Green Beret who has experienced a lot of religion and the world.  Thanks to his life experience growing up in a small religion in the state of Washington and traveling the globe with Special Forces, he's certainly a life expert.

In this class we talk about:

  • Going from shooting a gun to shooting a camera.
  • Having especially religious parents.
  • Seeing real life effects of not having religion.
  • Meeting different groups of people through religion and the Army.
  • Sexual scandals within his church.
  • Seeing the business side of the church.
  • Having parents that practiced the spirituality they preached.
  • Being shunned by his church.
  • Majoring in Pastoral Theology in college.
  • Handling independence for the first time at 18.
  • Being drawn to the laid back group in college.
  • Discovering music at the age of 24.
  • Leaving school early, after three years.
  • Joining the Army at 24.
  • Traveling to Afghanistan.
  • Training Ukrainian and Russian special forces.
  • Seeing religions that take total control of people.
  • Seeing how poorly women are treated in the Middle East.
  • Living a simple life.


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