#81: Coming To America

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Matt Kirshen [Twitter] is a British comedian who decided to give life a full-time try in America.  After being a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Matt felt that living in Los Angeles would be the best move for his career.  He can be heard on the podcast Probably Science.

In this class we talk about:

  • Being legal via a visa.
  • Applying for a green card.
  • Being nervous about runs ins with the police.
  • Being caught up with protestors in London.
  • The process of deportation.
  • Being sent to secondary screening at the Border.
  • First US visa being for NBC (”Last Comic Standing.”)
  • Being a finalist NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” season five.
  • Being skeptical about appearing on an America reality show.
  • Paying three or four grand for each visa renewal.
  • Having to prove he was a legitimate worker and performer.
  • Visiting America as a kid.
  • Disneyworld being the most American thing.
  • Doing his first State-side gigs in Los Angeles and Atlanta.
  • Realizing how restrictive visas can be for working.
  • Staying in a depressing L.A. Hostel.
  • Being on TV in England post Last Comic Standing.
  • Picking America over England.
  • Leaving his family and friends behind.
  • Taking an American driving test.
  • Choosing the wrong visa lawyer.  
  • Being lonely and without friends in a new country.
  • How fleeting a glimpse of fame can be.  
  • Having to do both America and British tax.
  • Learning about the American entertainment industry.
  • Having a clean slate in America.
  • Having a low point three years in.

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