#82: Lifting Weights with Dr. Drew

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Dr. Drew Pinsky [Twitter] is a guy you probably know.  But did you know he's had a compulsion around weightlifting for years?  And in keeping with that, we record a podcast from his gym, only taking breaks to pump iron.  You may know him from Loveline, the Adam & Drew Show, The Dr. Drew Podcast, HLN's Dr. Drew On Call, Celebrity Rehab... well, you get the point.   (Plus, he has a new talk show on KABC in Los Angeles.)

In this class we talk about:

  • Dealing with prostate cancer -- from PSA results, to biopsies, to recovery.  
  • Having body dysmorphia (body dysmorphic disorder) his whole life.
  • Seeing himself as overweight.  
  • His busy busy schedule.
  • Dealing with criticism from Celebrity Rehab as well as misinterpretations of comments made on the radio.  
  • Being blamed for Rodney King's death.
  • Being willing to take professional risk.
  • Being paid less than the patients on Celebrity Rehab.
  • Common misperceptions on how media works.
  • The importance of being doctor to the American culture.
  • Starting to lift weights with Bill Pearl at 15.
  • Working out with noted bodybuilding competitors of the 1970s.
  • Finding football a release for aggression while in high school.  
  • His first panic attack, and trips to the Emergency Room.   
  • Having background depression.
  • Being medically mismanaged for mental health.
  • Finding inspiration to work in adolescent medicine.
  • His love of carbohydrates.
  • Eating healthy and what food can do.
  • His prescription for health eating.  
  • How weight lifting helped a sore shoulder.  
  • How workouts are not one size fits all.
  • How he despises moral judgement on substances/drugs.
  • The behavior of addicts.
  • How, by definition, there's no such thing as a “positive addiction.”
  • Being realistic about aging.
  • Colon cancer and how often to get prostate exams.
  • Having exercise bulimia.  
  • Lifting weights and also running.  

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