#83: The Sober Alcoholic

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Mick Betancourt [Twitter] is a television writer, stand-up comic, and host of the podcast: The Mick Betancourt Show.  Thanks to his alcoholism, he almost didn't have any of that.  And thanks to his sobriety, he has all of that and more.  If you know Law & Order: SVU or Breakout Kings or Detrot 187 then you know Mick's work.

In this class we talk about:

  • Getting sober in 2002 at age 28.  
  • Being exposed to drugs and alcohol at age five.
  • Drinking Manhattans while in elementary school.
  • Drinking with his mom.  
  • Felling like he didn't have choices in life.
  • Being irritable without a drink.
  • Moving in with a variety family members.
  • Being a teenager who lived on his own.
  • His love of being drunk.
  • Not knowing any adults that were genuinely happy.
  • Using alcohol to not think about pending adulthood.
  • Accepting unhappiness as his ultimatum.
  • Not seeking advice from the few helpful family members he had.
  • Connecting with others that shared his experiences.
  • How doing the right thing was hard.
  • How all bets are off when he drinks.
  • Getting the locks changed on him.
  • The ride that was binge drinking.  
  • Constantly missing his first day of work.
  • Getting kicked out of university.
  • Restoring his relationships.
  • Seeing friends get sober and turn their lives around.
  • Thinking he was next after Chris Farley died.
  • Wanting to die but being afraid to die.
  • Finding a mentor for his sobriety/recovery.
  • Wearing different hats for different people in life.
  • The importance of compassion in life.
  • Being married while getting sober.
  • Being haunted by his past.
  • Becoming a functioning member of society.
  • Being a dry drunk.
  • Flying blind and on faith.
  • Being scared to write his upcoming first book, “The Hard Way.”

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