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Healthy lifestyles are now increasingly popular, including eating a healthy diet or diet. One row of diets that are currently trending is the raw food diet. Before you practice this type of diet, let’s get more acquainted with the raw food diet. As the name suggests, a raw food diet is a diet where people […]

Heart blockage is a disorder of the heart blood vessels (coronary) which can cause coronary heart disease or better known as deadly heart disease in the world. Recognizing and being aware of symptoms can reduce your risk of having a heart attack. Heart blockage is generally caused by a buildup of plaque on the walls […]

The main heart function is pumping blood throughout the body. As a means of transportation in the body, blood is responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen needed by the body’s organs, while transporting waste substances. The heart and blood vessels form the cardiovascular system to ensure our survival. A normal and healthy heart is supported […]

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