Extra Credit


Man School Extra Credit are mini episodes -- shorter bursts of Man School -- that are released every now and then.  Regular Man School Classes come out each Wednesday.  

Extra Credit #14: I Was Adopted

Michael Wolf is a technology analyst and a writer for Forbes.  He also hosts the Next Market Podcast (and I was on a recent episode.)  Michael was also adopted and is pretty alright about it. [Release Date: December 25, 2013]

Extra Credit #13: Being Owned By Your Parents with Keith Malley

Keith Malley (yup, that Keith of Keith and The Girl)  has been disowned by his parents multiple times.  It's been quite the rollercoaster relationship between Keith and his Christian pastor father!  [Released: November 13, 2013]

Extra Credit #12: Nuzzy And The Guy Are Decently Funny

Here's a recent guest appearance where Caleb Bacon popped into the Hollywood studios of Sideshow Network fave Decently Funny.  [Released: October 3, 2013] 

Extra Credit #11: Go Go Dancing Into Confidence

Friend of the show, actor Ricky Woznichak (Awkard Black Girl), talks about how joining a freaky dance troupe has made him a happier man with more self confidence. [Released: September 25, 2013]

Extra Credit #10: Winning $500,000 with Jason Somerville 

Recent Man School guest, Jason Somerville, is a professional poker player who has made millions of dollars.  He won a nice chunk of that money during one World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas.  In that, Jason won a famed WSOP bracelet and $500,000.  In this ten minute podcast we talk about that memorable experience.[Released: September 4, 2013] 

Extra Credit #9: Balding with Bald Bryan Bishop 

Former Man School guest 'Bald' Bryan Bishop returns to talk about losing his hair at a young age and embracing his now clean-shaved head.  You might know Bryan from The Adam Carolla Show or The Film Vault.  [Released: August 28, 2013] 

Extra Credit #8: Paul Scheer and Fear 

Actor/comedian Paul Scheer (The League, NTSF:SD:SUV::) shares about breaking through your comfort zone and dealing with fear.  For him, jumping off of a 10,000 foot mountain allowed him to get in touch with a few scary things.  This is an eight minute podcast! [Released: 08/09/13] 

Extra Credit #7: A Movie Star Played ME with Jamie Reidy 

Author Jamie Reidy wasted his 20s... and then after that he wrote a book about his experience as a Viagra salesman.  "Hard Sell" was turned into the film "Love And Other Drugs" starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Jamie!  So, I asked Jamie... what was it like to have a movie star play YOU? [Released: 07/05/13]


Extra Credit #6: Career Advice with Zane Lamprey 

Zane Lamprey is doing great!  He just raised almost $600k to fund his new TV show, Chug, via Kickstarter and just set the Guinness World Record for longest podcast (I was on mic for a few of those hours.)  He's a nice guy and a hard worker who has carved out a fun and unique niche in the entertainment business, so I asked him what career advice he'd offer you guys on this eight minute podcast.  [Released: 06/03/13] 

Extra Credit #5: One Bad Day in Africa 

Recently I was at a store in Hollywood and I met this really cool guy who worked there named Lahai.  He mentioned that he had been almost kidnapped in Africa in the late '90s when he was 17.  So, I knew he had to be on Man School. [Release Date: 05/16/13] 

Extra Credit #4: Meeting Your Heroes with Chris Gore and Bald Bryan Bishop

Another round of meeting your heroes.  Chris Gore met science fiction/geek legend Harlan Ellison.  Bald Bryan Bishop (back again) met hockey legend Luc Robitaille, comedian Larry Miller, Duff McKagan from Guns and Roses.  [Release Date: 04/26/13]

Extra Credit #3: Baldness with Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed Ahmed is an Egyptian-born stand-up comic who grew up in California. Since he has the same name as a terrorist his travels have been very difficult.  Because of this he lost lots of hair due to stress. [Release Date: 04/01/13]

Extra Credit #2: The Chemotherapy Bachelor Party with Bald Bryan Bishop

Like many men,  Bald Bryan Bishop went to Las Vegas for his bachelor party.  Similar to other bachelor parties there were burgers, booze, and strippers.  Only, Bryan was undergoing chemotherapy for a cancerous brain tumor.  [Release Date: 03/01/13]

Extra Credit #1: Meeting Your Heroes with Paul Gilmartin and Sam Tripoli

Comics Paul Gilmartin and Sam Tripoli talk about meeting their stand-up heroes in Las Vegas.  Paul met George Carlin and Sam met Howie Mandel.  Release Date: 02/15/13]